Mr Bostock & Mrs Lloyd's Class

Canon Sharples CE Primary School, Wigan


Uncategorized April 1st, 2015

Hi i’m Andrew I like pies!!! Do you? If you do like pies then here is an awesome beginning of a story for you! the amazing pie by Andrew “Hey guys lets go to the pie shop,”insisted Bill.”OK!” replied Jim. Quickly the three boys,who are named Bill,Jim and Phil,sprinted down the the street to Steve’s […]

Is homework necessary?

Uncategorized April 1st, 2015

Homework,up to 1994, was only seen in secondary school. The following year Ofsted started to inspect several primary schools. After that,Ofsted suggested that primary schools should provde homework as it increases childrens performance. So… do you think homework is necessary? Despite the fact that homework causes plenty of stress,it is thought that it benefits children […]

UK Top 10 Singles

Uncategorized April 1st, 2015

Currently at the top of the the charts is the comic relief single by Sam Smith ft John Legend with their hit single Lay me down. This song was made to help children in Africa that were poor get some money to help them get better healthcare. Just missing out on the top spot this […]

My favourite things to do!!!!

Uncategorized April 1st, 2015

play football play fifa eat sleep rave repeat blog laugh  smile đŸ™‚ sing watch football rugby watch rugby playing with friends   Thank you for reading please comment and give advise and please read my other piece called “did Gerrard deserve to get sent of”  thanks Will