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Canon Sharples CE Primary School, Wigan

Facts about Penguins

Uncategorized March 31st, 2015

Penguins are flightless birds. While other birds have wings for flying, penguins have adapted flippers to help them swim in the water Most penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere. The Galapagos Penguin is the only penguin specie that ventures nor Penguins spend around half their time in water and the other half on land. The […]

Rainforests facts

Uncategorized March 16th, 2015

Did you know!The Amozon rainforest is the largest tropical Rainfoest in the world, covering over five and a half million square kilometrees (1.4 billion ares).Rainforest are very dense,warm and weet forests.In the world there are 10 biggest Rainforest.