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Annie Edson Taylor

Uncategorized March 31st, 2015

Annie Edson Taylor was the first person to go down Niagara falls in a barrel,yes a barrel.She was 63 years old when the daredevil grandma attempted and succeeded in going down the cascading falls in none other than a solid oak barrel.The reason she attempted this stunt was for money,not for herself but for her […]

All about Annie Edson Taylor!!

Uncategorized March 25th, 2015

Annie Edson Taylor is an audacious,inspiring lady who previously taught children how to dance and be posh. She was a very caring and devoted friend to everyone.She lived in Bay City,Michigan Where the school(charm school) was. Annie,who was sixty-two years old,was a fussy,foolhardy lady whose aim in life was to help other people;when her friend […]

The amazing Annie Edson Taylor by Courtney !!!

Uncategorized March 25th, 2015

Have you heard about Annie Edson Taylor? Well if you haven’t then I am about to tell you. Annie Edson Taylor was a 63 year old woman who had a lot to accomplish. She was a diva daredevil and she wanted to do domething extraordinary that would be a story to tell………. Annie had a […]